Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stockpiling vs Hoarding vs Rising Food Prices

This was on one of my fellow bloggers and I agree with it!I think you will to!

Have you noticed a jump in your favorite items at the grocery store?  Paying a little bit more every week, till you realize that you’re paying 25%, 30% or more for things?
Yup.  Me too.
And more price jumps are coming.  The drought that has set Texas ablaze has hurt farmers beyond belief.  While I was looking for information for this post, I saw figures of billions of dollars.  In just crop losses.
Believe me, that loss is going to trickle down to you and me, on all kinds of products.  Peanuts.  Peanut butter.  Trail mix.  Peanut oil.  Plus, corn and wheat.  Which means everything is going to be skyrocketing.
So what can you do, to protect your family and your budget?
Start a stockpile.  Build your existing stockpile up.  But don’t hoard.
I always have recommended a 6 month stockpile of most things because they will go on sale again.  But now, I’m telling you differently.  Buy what you can afford to buy when it goes rock bottom.  You may not afford to be able to buy it when you need it again, at the new inflated price.
On Facebook, I shared my dilemma about pork loins.  They’re something that I had counted on for cheaper meals that fed my crowd.  But my price expectation, the price I expected to pay in my head, wasn’t keeping up with reality.  And reality is not nice when you go to buy something, and realize that it’s going for two and three times what you expected.  Not nice at all.  So, from now on, when I can afford it, I’m going to buy a little extra meat.  I looked in my freezer and was both shocked and appauled that I had no chicken, very little hamburger meat, and a couple of pot roasts.  Folks, I keep my freezer full.  But we had been eating out of it, because meat prices were so high.  The sales I was holding out for just haven’t come around.
Smucker’s, who owns Jif, is predicting a 30% increase.  And Skippy won’t be far behind.  So, the next time it goes on sale at CVS, you might want to pick up a raincheck, even if you don’t have coupons.  Rainchecks at CVS are just like money in the bank.  Plus, they’re easier to store than jars of peanut butter.
If you have a smaller stockpile, start looking for holes.  Do you have a ton of spaghetti sauce, but no pasta?  What about alfredo sauce?  Do you have 15 cans of refried beans, but nothing to put with it?  If you need help spotting your holes, just try to start making meals out of your pantry.  How far will it go?  Are things starting to get close to their expiration date?  Eat them up.  Give them away.  There is always someone less fortunate than you.  I promise you.
There’s a difference in between stockpiling strategically and hoarding.  I only want you to buy what you think your family is going to use.  I don’t want you to go out to the store right now, at nearly midnight, and clear the shelves of all the peanut butter.  I want you to wait for it to go on sale, match it with a coupon, and shop smartly.


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